Pray For Rain

by We Have No King But Caesar

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This album is best heard at a high volume.


released September 7, 2016

Simon Schweitzer: Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Erich Zann: Drummer

Written, recorded, and produced by Simon Schweitzer except:
Additional lyrics
Ancient and Mountains of Madenss: Rumi
Her Strong Enchantments Failing: A.E. Housman
The Woman Selling Herbs: Stephane Mallarme

Wurlitzer on Martin by Roisin Adams

Photo: William Ivor Castle



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We Have No King But Caesar Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Ancient
Move to look down the pit,
He said 'Don't.'
'Those bones have all gone black.
Witches and grim old men all fell down.
Yeah, you know it's sad,
But no one wants to catch you in the act.'

Tiptoe like a ballerina on the concrete
You'd better not trip, these cliffs are steep
The bottom is a dark void
Don't shudder at the thought but you know
There's no going back.

Shake down the holes in the night sky,
I don't want to wonder at all.

'Burn the tips off your fingers.' He said,
'They won't follow you,
'You won't know shame and you won't know doubt,
And you mind will see the world like a diamond.'

Shake down the holes in the night sky,
I don't want to wonder at all.

What prying eye could fathom man or sea,
and say that either one is not a dream?
Track Name: Stille Nacht
Track Name: Her Strong Enchantments Failing
Her strong enchantments failing
Her towers of fear in rest
Her limbecks dried of poisons
And the knife at her neck

The queen of air and darkness
Begins to shrill and cry
'Oh young man, oh my slayer,
Tomorrow you shall die.'

Oh queen of air and darkness
I think its truth you say
That I shall die tomorrow
But you will die today
Track Name: Concrete
Found sounds
Track Name: The Flight of Orpheus
Empty your pockets boy,
Empty your mind.
This idea will creep down your spine
After fifteen days leave the snake pit behind
Try not to wonder, was it all a lie?

No, don't look back now.

Please don't leave
I love you
No, don't go
I love you.
Track Name: The Woman Selling Herbs
Don't think I'm willing to pay cash
For the lavender straw of azure hue
You sell by flaunting a daring lash
As if for the devious hypocrite to
Hang discretely upon the walls
Of the most fundamental stations
For the stomach the jeers and growls
At being reborn to blue sensations

Better to pin it up aloft
Amid and overgrown tuft of hair
So that the wholesome stalk may waft
You as a zephyr, Pamela, or
Bear to the husband you entice
The very first fruits of your lice

Oh deluxe ebony hall
Where to beguile a king
Celebrated garlands are twisted in death
You are but a proud lie composed of nothing
In the eyes of the solitary
Dazzled by his faith
Track Name: Martin
When you thought 'who is this man?'
Did you know you'd take his stand?
Bloodshot cried out the crowd,
Who knew they could be so loud.

When the little man barked
From the podium
Did you hear his lies?
Or just the promise in disguise

I see patterns in the rock
Just like cracks in your skin
But history is a void
That leaves me wondering.

When you heard them chant
'One to rule them all!'
Did your heart stir with pride?
Did you not know where to hide?
Track Name: Mountains of Madness
No more wine for me
I'm past delight
In the thick red
and the clear white

I'm thirsty for my own blood
As it moves
Through a field
Of action

Draw the keenest
Blade you have
And strike until
The head circles
Around the body

Make a mountain
of skulls like that
split me apart.

Echoes from the factory
Beckon me to despair

I follow listless apparitions
Down an ever winding stair

Peel back the corners
Pull the shadows from the wall

The empty vessels, they all flounder
Eyes blank under a pall

The empty causeways lead me nowhere
The old ghost drift around

Tremors rock the foundations
Paradigms fall to the ground

Vapor forms a tower
A vulgar landmark for us all

The empty vessels they all flounder
Eyes blank under a pall

Horror holds my hand
Leads me back to our origin

Doubt left to hang
On a neolithic gallows

Don't stop at the mouth
Don't listen to anything I say
I must enter the center of
The fire

Fire is my child
But I must be consumed
And become the fire

Why is there crackling
And smoke?
Because the fire and the flames
Are still talking
You are too dense go away
I have solid form

In the blackness
Those two friends argue
Like a wanderer with no face
Like the most powerful bird
In existence refusing to move

Fire in my eyes
Fades and dies
You know I wouldn't mind
Using you to kill my time

I wonder why you ever came here
Our bones piled so high
Snow and ice held me for so long
Take my toys and pull out your

What can I say
To someone so curled up
With wanting

So constricted
In his love

Break your pitcher
Against a rock
We don't need any longer
To haul pieces
Of the ocean around

We must drown away from
And depictions of